Welcome to the Qualitas Group

We believe that specific knowledge and technical skills are very necessary for all kinds of work, but in particular for inspections, certifications, analyses and logistical operations. But the Qualitas Group adds the even more necessary values of work discipline and not in words but in deeds mentality. Here, we make a difference. Our people make our services most special and appreciated, because they are highly motivated and hardworking, very precise and accurate, in all their actions.

The Qualitas Group is a privately owned group and is mainly involved in supply chain management for food, feed and fuel commodities and related products. Besides this, we are also involved in specialized services in the field of consumer products, manufactured goods and industrial equipment. Our services comprise inspection, verification, conformity assessment, certification, auditing, testing, analyzing, shipping, warehousing, stevedoring and many related services.

Our services are based on more than 40 years of professional experience, provided by personnel that are highly motivated and very accurate. In our main office, our management speaks and writes in English, French, German and Dutch. Our services are grouped into four business units: Qualitas Inspection (including Controle & Inspectie Bureau Brouwer (CIBB)), Qualitas Certification, Qualitas Analysis and Qualitas Logistics.

Welcome to the Qualitas Group!


Qualitas Group

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